Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Fundamenals of Clean Eating (Part 2)

Last Post I began talking about methods of eating that have worked for me in my weight loss and athletic efforts. I want to continue that conversation and invite you to try a few recipes and eating changes that may kick start a more wholesome lifestyle.

Here are concerns I hear from those trying to change:

I don't want to deprive myself of the things I like.
Let me be clear on the "cheating". I "cheat" everyday. The indulgence in comfort foods is not a bad thing and they should be a part of your eating habits in order to make the big change to better eating as a whole. BUT, You have to change your idea of cheating. Indulgence should be a treat in small amounts. To blast your body with tortillas or ice cream or a huge bag of chips is not a cheat...it is a train wreck. Convert your "cheat" to a single meal once a week or a special something once a day. Eat one thing a day you REALLY love. No matter what it is, just do it (enjoy it, eat the portion, savor the flavor and texture). Then stop. Reset to your healthier eating again! That is the success.

Clean eating seems really boring and limited. I don't want to eat the same things everyday.
Think about your daily diet now. How often do you have the meals you prepare or buy outside the home? Chances are, you eat the same 4-5 things over and over anyway...the difference? They are not portioned correctly or they are just not nutritionally good for your body. Yes, clean eating usually ends up being the same 4-5 meals every week. Yes, it can get boring just like any other nutrition habit. Would you rather continue with your comfort level where it is with your nutrition or would you like to make a change here or there? There are thousands of clean meals on the Internet that are quick and easy. I bet you can find a few that are really tasty! Bacon makes everything better.
My easy and excellent Salsa

I want quick results.
You will read a ton of claims from pills and nutrition supplements that promise fast weight loss. Clean eating boasts the same claims based in sugar and processed food reduction. Most people who switch to clean eating see a weight loss of 5-7 pounds in the first week without the aid of pills or processed chemicals tricking your body to lose water. After the first week, if you are consistent, you can see a weight fluctuation of 1-2 pounds a week. This is a healthy rate of weight loss. If you don't see those changes, all hope is not lost! A nutrition guru can help shed some light of how to improve results.

I don't want to have to think too much so I just buy prepared meals.
It is a daunting task to try and figure out what to eat.
Remember, when getting started, you need to put meals together with protein, fats, and good carbohydrates like fruits and vegetables. When you do this, you can eat till you are full and not have spikes in hunger later. when a plateau occurs, you can seek help to take it to the next level! But start somewhere easy...the basics.
If you really just want to buy prepared meals, go to a company that specializes in clean eating. There are tons of local catering companies developing prepared meals just for you. Google it.
Paleo Shrimp n' grits

The prep work required of clean eating takes too long and takes a long time to clean up.
Yes. It takes a long time. Prior planning goes a long way. This is the main factor preventing results. Not the ability to hold off eating junk! It is up to you to plan a meal, have a solution, and follow through with your nutrition change.
-Always have a clean snack on hand.
-Take a day to prep salsa, cold proteins like chicken breast for salads, and cut cold veggies for easy sides.
-Buy nut butters, almonds, prepared guacamole, and lots of fruits in its own peel...like an apple.

Remember, you have a support system. I am here to help and I want to be a voice of hope and reason. You will see huge changes in your body by eating clean. You don't need a gimmick to get to a happy body. You will be a better athlete by fueling right! Just do it!

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