Thursday, February 28, 2013

Three Things Thursday

Thanks everyone for the overwhelming response to the new site. I love cooking my clean, kind of paleo meals and have been hearing more and more about people wanting recipes or a closer look at clean eating ideas. I figure you don't care about just the recipes and I will try and tell you about my life too. Here are a few things this week:

My friend Victoria has just started her mobile tanning business. I loved being her guinea pig in the start up months and am totally addicted to my tan muscles. Never being particularly shy, I have been brave and only worn my tanny panties provided by the mobile salon. Imagine a little mesh flap on a rubber band and that is what I wear to get brown. OMG. I'm so brave and so is Victoria. The effects of the treatment last about a week if I don't scrub too hard. I also supplement my color with Jergens tanning solution after my showers. For a low maintenance girl...that is quite the production!

How many days till the Crossfit Open? 6. I have been making great strides in my training but know the potential for more is there. Yes, I signed up for the open. If you are not familiar with CrossFit or the games, you should know it is basically the Olympics of Crossfit and anyone can try out. So I am along with 7 others from my Gym. At the very least it will be interesting to find out how this ol' girl stacks against others in the region. Since I also begin training for the Rocky Raccoon 50 Mile Ultra Marathon in March, I worry I won't maintain my strength. Its all an experiment at this point...
Two Wieners In The House:
We have two wieners right now. Normally we have one very rambunctious little man names Louie (here he is sleeping...)

And here is Ziggy the house guest. He is visiting while his family goes on a fabulous 7 day cruise to Belize (what a life!) the boys are similar in size and color so we have near twin weenies running the house. It makes me think having two dogs might almost be fun because they entertain themselves and seem to love the company. Ziggy goes home Sunday and I think I will be sad to see him go.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Clean Banana Protein Pancakes With Strawberry Spice Sauce

I get home from my morning workout most days completely STARVING!! Eggs and spinach are a common go-to meal but some days I just want a good pancake. There are a ton of "paleo pancakes" on the web but I have been experimenting with my own recipes. The spice combinations for this recipe are almost endless but today I'm focusing on easy... Cause I IS HUNGRARY!!

Here is what I use:
8 Grade A Large eggs
4 Ripe bananas
Coconut oil
1/8 tspt salt

Strawberry Spice Compote
2 cups strawberries 
red curry powder (to taste)
cracked black pepper (to taste)
1/4 cup water

 For the pancakes:
1. Put it all in a bowl except the oil
2. Blend with a hand mixer
3. Oil the griddle or pan (250 degrees)
4. Pour 1/8 cup mix on hot griddle...5 or six times to make a nice little group
5. These are delicate so flip with caution

For the Compote:
1. Warm the strawberries and water on the stove
2. As the berries break down, allow them to simmer and add red curry powder to taste
3. When you have the consistency and spice you want, allow to cool and finish with cracked black pepper

This recipe makes 2-3 big servings of silver dollar pancakes
I like to make a huge batch and have leftovers for snacks.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Coconut Maple Salty Bars

Why not start a not so paleo blog with a not so paleo recipe? I have had this bag of unsweetened coconut for ever...and accidentally bought more because coconut is pretty tasty. What to do?...MAKE DESSERT!!!
I had the most awesome coconut no-bake thing stirring in my head.

And to keep myself from mainlining the maple syrup as I made coffee after my workout, I put it to work in this little recipe. It is not low cal but it satisfies the sweet tooth with a little bite of salt to make it pop!

Coconut Maple Salty Bars

1 cup unsweetened coconut flakes
1/4 cup maple syrup
2 tbs coconut oil (softened)
1 tsp cinnamon
1/8 tsp salt (to taste-I like a little more)

serves 5-7

1. Get a bowl
2. put the stuff in
3. stir it all together and mash that junk up
4. Roll into balls or mash into a container bottom (like a Tupperware sandwich holder)
5. Freezer for 15 or fridge for an hour

Try not to take shots of maple syrup while making this. Don't put it in your coffee either. Instead, pair it with a fruit plate or big ol' salad with chicken. Or beer, beer is good.

I got my workout on this morning and I am loving being back in the gym after a week off with a nasty virus/head cold.

I was on weighted step up number 61 when it occurred to me I wouldn't have time to do the other side if I didn't switch! I got 40 on the other leg when time was called. I'm now freaking out at the fact I am uneven in my strength set and may have to go back to finish the was a killer!
Now I'm procrastinating that shower I know I need. My salty bars are almost done!