Thursday, May 2, 2013

Training Break And Daydream Adventures

I'm taking four days off. I just have to. I hurt. Really hurt...all the time. I'm doing yoga and mobility daily. I MetCon 4-5 times a week and can usually maintain at that level. But. Since the open my hips just don't feel right. I shift constantly and have stiffness in my lower back. My copy of the Supple Leopard is a wonderful resource to get things on track however...I just need to heal!

Rest is so underrated. I tend to get a little panicky and grumpy when I don't work out daily. I know it is essential for my training and I have been in a process of failure to thrive for a few weeks. I just want to get things back on track. One of my biggest fears is waking up one day and not being able to do what I was able to the day before. As I am sitting here writing, I am also daydreaming of all the adventures I want this summer.

I plan on doing a ton of time at the river. The kids are getting really good at the rope swing.
 The kids play clubhouse on the shore and skip rocks across the surface. Garner State Park is only a few miles from our house so we feel really lucky to have such a beautiful part of Texas so close!

 The current is mild and my little one loves to stack river rocks to make islands in the stream. No, she does not sing the song as she goes. But she should I think!

In addition to river time, we plan to go to the Gulf Coast to explore the sand and surf. In June we are heading to Colorado to visit family and for a few training opportunities. The Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO is one of my favorite places. I am so lucky to be attending the USA Weightlifting Coaching Level 1 Certification. I will also be attending the CrossFit Kids Certification at CrossFit Verve in Denver! If you don't know, that is the gym co-owned by Matt and Cherie Chan, some of the best athletes in the world and all around super awesome people.

While in Colorado, we stay as active as possible. We water ski, hike the Incline ,
Go fishing in Leadville, CO, four-wheel exploring, and trail run. I try to volunteer at a few races too. Last year I was lucky enough to work the finish at the Garden of the Gods 10 miler, one of the prerequisites for the Pikes Peak Accent and Marathon.
Summer is so close! It is this time of year I forget how hot it gets and wish for all the fun activities to come. I just hope I can get myself back in the saddle to enjoy being active in the real world with real world adventure. Getting out of the gym to try new things are revisit the things I love to do in warm weather is exactly why being so consistent in the gym is important to me.
So, here I go, trying to rest and rehab till Monday. I MAY do a water workout on Saturday because...Its an adventure!
What are your plans for adventure this summer?

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