Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Whole30 Challenge: The Halfway Point

Well, 17 days into the Whole30 challenge is leaving me challenged. I just don't know if I am into the strict regiment it requires. I do feel lighter. I do feel cleaner. However, I have had some setbacks.
I cheat. Yes, I know as a blogger I am supposed to be perfect and DO IT and be amazing with results and all that jazz.
I'm not perfect. I mess up all the time with all kinds of things.
I feel like I am doing the best for me and still allowing a little grace in the process. Am I where I was 6 months ago? NO WAY. A year ago? How about 5 years ago? I am on another planet from the person I was 5 years ago. I am still trying to lose that last 10 pounds. I am still reaching for faster runs and stronger lifts.
The way I approach my nutrition is so much better than it was. I rarely eat grain or dairy. Do I still eat it? Yes. I don't drink alcohol with the exception of high quality beer.

 I have all but eliminated the Diet Coke I was obsessed with a few years back.
I am better.
Am I my best? No.
with a little less than two weeks left in my Whole30 challenge I am going to give it a fair shake. I AM eating clean. I will do all I can to stay in the moment and resist that cheat beer, tortilla, or cupcake. On the other side of this challenge I hope I can look back and see long lasting improved habits and cleaner nutrition as a whole. I know I won't give up dark beer. I know i will enjoy a tortilla every now and again. I will eat a cupcake. I don't need to eat them excessively, and that is huge progress.

I have been making some tasty stuff lately and am trying to decide what to share in my recipe files next.
taco salad with avocado, spinach, and sweet potatoes
Italian sausage and basil spaghetti sauce...over more spinach
Sriracha shrimp cocktail
Paleo banana pancakes

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