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Weightloss Story Part 1
Weightloss Story Part 2
My name is Wymberley. I have made and abandoned several blogs. I get inspired and write. Then I delete my blog when things don't work. I'm working hard to make this one stick!
I love to eat.
I have not always made the best food choices and still struggle at times to maintain a clean/ Semi-Paleo lifestyle. If it weren't for beer and chocolate I would be okay!
I enjoy cooking new things and making my own EASY and DOABLE recipes. I'm always on the go, I wish I had more time to play in the kitchen.

Breakfast is my favorite meal
I grew up on the South East coastline and love all things shrimp

Dinner is usually a scrambling afterthought...

By day I am a supermom to the amazing girls in my life: The Big Kid and
The Sweet Baby
I'm married to Mr. Dad who is not very happy about appearing on a blog. But he will...from time to time.

In my professional life I am a Crossfit Level one trainer and Mobility-Yoga instructor at Shotgun CrossFit. I am also Certified CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting and soon to be a CrossFit Kids coach and USA Weightlifting Level 1 coach (2013).

In the fall of 2013 I will return to my roots as a Physical Education teacher here in South Texas. I taught 6 years in Colorado Springs, CO as a High School PE/ Health teacher before moving to Texas.
I am SO looking forward to creating a new and functional PE program for the little school I will be working with!

Last, I am an athlete. CrossFit and Running are my main methods of tourture. If you don't want to hear me yamer on about that stuff in adition to my little recipes...I get it.
I've lost 40 pounds since having my second child. Most of that came off in the last two years of running and CrossFit training.

Various shades of shameless photos are taken of myself often. The body was meant to be appreciated! Even if it is a work in progress...

So, I'm not perfect. I'm NOT SO PALEO that I don't have a little grace and balance with indulgences. I work hard to be better each day personally, professionally, and most importantly as a Super Mom/Wife to my Awesome family. I thank you so much for taking the time to get to know who I am.

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