Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Whole 30 Challenge: Not So Paleo

I have played with the Whole 30 challenge and philosophy in eating for a while. I don't like restrictive eating or rigid rules in my life AT ALL. However, I learn more every day about how our bodies react to processed foods, grains, and other foods that may not allow our bodies to function as well as it should. What I love about the Whole 30 program is, the idea of clean real food over elite food products is the main focus. WHAT? You mean you don't love being told the only way to be healthy is grass fed organic foods? I'm sure buying the highest quality foods I can afford is best but I live in a part of the world that would require a full tank of gas to reach the high brow foods preferred by many. Whole 30 focuses on eating the perimeter of the grocery store, growing and consuming what you can from home, avoiding dairy, grains, and ALL processed foods.

I have fallen victim to the temptations of dark beer, Easter sweets, and pizza in the last few weeks and want to put myself on the focus of health and clean eating. So, here goes the 30 day challenge from the Whole 30 website.

Ill be highlighting my eating with pictures and some recipes along the way. I hope to come out the other side feeling more energized, sleeping better, and more focused in my work. Please follow along and join me if you wish! I promise it is relatively easy to stay on track and the physical and mental results can be amazing!
Here are my Day 1 pictures:
I feel a little bloated and uncomfortable these days...

Lets hope that pooch takes off!
Don't look at my bathroom full of tub toys and kid hair items...
Tomorrow is Monday, a perfect time to restart your eating habits and healthy lifestyle. 30 days of clean eating! Let's do it!

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