Sunday, April 28, 2013

10 Essential Whole30 Products For Fast Meal Preparation

1. Almond Milk
I use almond milk in so many quick meals. I cream my coffee, add it to proats (a mix of egg whites stirred to oatmeal consistency), protein shakes, creamy squash soups, or I enjoy it plain. It has as much calcium as cow's milk and a nutty sweet taste.

2. Bananas
Bananas are so versatile  I sweeten my paleo pancakes, make soft serve ice cream, add to shakes, or again...just eat them! Hello potassium!

3. Shredded Chicken
Soups, salads, fajitas, Stir frys, cold plates, bbq...chicken is amazing. Buy one of those whole chickens I keep raving about! You will have meat for the week and easy, easy prep!

4. Pico De Gallo
How easy is chopped tomato, onion, jalapeno, and cilantro? Fast pico takes about 2 minutes to make and lasts all week for salads, omelets  protein toppers...endless flavor additions! And while we are at it, salsas are just as easy and you can make so many different combinations!

5. Frozen Spinach
Frozen spinach is the perfect addition to omelets, fritatas, spaghetti sauce, pizza, lasagnas (anything Italian , and makes a quick side to any protein.

6. Low Sodium Meatballs
Have you found these yet? They are in the frozen food isle. Add a jar of chili sauce to your favorite fruit compote and heat to serve in a sweet clean sauce! Tons of flavor and texture, the low sodium meatball is a quick main dish.

7. Almond Butter
I like to use this as a dip for chopped carrots and celery. Mix in rasins or dried fruit for a power snack. Add it to your protein shake for a punch of flavor and healthy fat. It makes a great topper for paleo pancakes too!

8. Hearts of Romaine Lettuce
Um, salad is super fast and portable.

9. Fresh or frozen berries
Full of flavor and antioxidants  berries make a great addition to your salad, shakes, breakfast, a fast side, or heat them to create a compote sauce for your soft serve banana puree'!

10. Egg Whites
mix and heat in 30 second intervals in the microwave until you get the perfect oatmeal texture (add those berries and almond butter)! Makes a great "tortilla" in the pan. Omelets, omelets, omelets!
Or whatevers...

Never be afraid to explore flavors with the basics as a guide! Experiment with spices. 

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