Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Whole30 Challenge: Week One Continues

I have been hearing some amazing things from my friends who are trying the Whole30 challenge with me. Many first time participants find the pants loose and the belly flatter after only a few days. Gas just goes away! No more embarrassing handstand push ups or tabata toots.
Other folks (like me) have to be reminded of the importance of fiber and water. Bacon is a condiment and NOT a protein. I'm no fun, I know. A huge challenge is my habit of eating on the run and eating out. for three days strait, I have had at least one meal at a restaurant and had to supplement with a snack hidden in my purse. Eating out does not have to be a cheat meal. Cracker Barrel, Applebees, and my favorite local restaurant had lovely options and also made substitutions when I asked. They also give great big to-go cups full of unsweet tea to me for the drive home.

The best Cracker Barrel could do. I wished for some veggies not covered in grease...
The Whole Foods make your own salad. I wish they had more salsa and protein options and less tofu! 
Burger night found its way here last night. Usually we do this on Thursdays but the meat HAD to be cooked. Homemade salsa with jalapeno, chipotle, tomato, and peaches. bacon, eggs, cucumber slices!
I like cucumber slices. They make me feel like a pirate.

Tonight I'm making some avocado curried chicken salad! I will post some yummy pictures and a recipe tomorrow!

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