Thursday, March 7, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. The CrossFit Open
Squeee! It's time. Time for the best season of sport. It is time for the CrossFit Open. Not sure what that is? Look at this:

Basically, Your competing against yourself and every other registered competitor for 2013 to see how your fitness has improved in a years time. Since I was very new to CrossFit last year, I did not register for the open and didn't even record my scores for the workouts. I wish I had. I distinctly remember the 12.1 workout (or the first of 5 total for the season of five weeks) and how proud I was of 53 burpees in 7 minutes. Thinking of that makes be look back in awe of how much I have done and how far I have progressed in 365 days. I will do the 13.1 workout on Saturday in a group setting complete with cheering fans in our Gym. I want to do my very best. In any case, It will be fun...

2. My pipes are snaked. Heck yes they are. Totally cleaned out.
My tub and toilet in the master bath had been backing up for the better part of the week. Last night I noticed a huge puddle in the laundry room and outside...Thank goodness the plumber could get here this morning before using the guest bathroom became a habit. Things are moving right along now and I can return to long showers and convenient midnight potty breaks.

3. Do you ever get sick of eating out? There is not a whole lot going on in our little south Texas town and eating out is a favorite pastime for most residents here. Lunch traffic and restaurant lines are insane here. Mr. Dad and I went to our favorite spot yesterday where I get the salad bar complete with spinach, smoked turkey cubes, avocado, and pico de gallo. We made sure to go at 11am instead of noon so we could actually get service and our pick of good salad bar fixins.

I have to say Oasis is one of the best locally owned places I have ever eaten in. Unfortunately  Im totally sick of my favorite is this possible. I wish small town Texas had more to offer in eateries than southern cooking and BBQ. Our choices are so limited. We choose Oasis because it is quality food, good service, and you can by guns and ammo on your way out. Picture Bass Pro Shop or Cabela's with a restaurant in the middle. My kids especially love the large assortment of taxidermy trophies on the walls. They name the different dear and the Longhorn Bull is known as Doctor Moose.
 not Dr Moose

In other news, it is that time of day. Time to go get kiddos from school and drive a whole bunch. I am on task to buy some hedge trimmers and deodorant too. Such in life. 

Tell me three things going on with you! Link back to this post and I will be your best friend.

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