Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Clean Eating Roast Beef Summer Salad

Not long ago I was rummaging through some books at a church yard sale. I came across a copy of one of those Weight Watchers cookbooks and was surprised at how many recipes could easily be converted to fit my cleaner eating. I happily paid the .25 and have been planning my menu choices since. Now that we are almost settled in our new house, I have calmed down enough to where every meal is almost planned. It is a good effort on my part to plan a menu for the week but inevitably, we screw it up somehow. However, Mondays menu for dinner actually happened!

I have had a wedge of Amish Gorgonzola cheese waiting to be used and I think the roast beef would be good with any cheese. What do the Amish do to cheese to make it different? The ol' butter churn must be magic because it was awesome. Does that make me a person who stereotypes? I'm totally envisioning the Amish ladies standing around churning my Gorgonzola. I did not envision them wearing wooden shoes. I am one of those worldly educated types.

Have you ever eaten capers? The Weight Watchers folks called for capers in their recipe and I ignored them. Capers look gross. They look like little alien pods and I am sure they taste really bad. I'm an adventure girl with food but capers gross me out.
Anyway, here is what I did:
2 cucumbers
3 tomatoes
1/3 large onion
1/4 cup fresh mint

Then I added:
2 tbsp balsamic
1 tbsp EVOO
A few pinches Himalayan Pink Sea make it fancy
Cracked pepper
4oz sliced roast beef (per serving
1 oz crumbled Gorgonzola (per serving)

The WW recipe called for bread cubes to soak up the extra balsamic and I didn't add that in. I found it to be a little runny so I cut down the amount of balsamic and oil to make up for that. I think it did need a little texture so if you like orzo pasta, it would be a nice mix. I considered black beans too...but ultimately didn't put them in

While looking at my new cookbook I also pulled out (proudly offensive) my Paula Dean cookbooks: The Lady and Sons and The Lady and Sons Too! cookbooks. I am totally frying up some chicken this week in the collection of bacon fat I have. If I'm going to have a "sometimes meal" (a better name for a cheat meal) I want it to be a song from the south. Summer screams fried chicken to me and ever since the cold chicken I had on the fourth of July, I have been craving some real stuff.
I am going to have me a Sunday Dinner y'all!
Maybe on Thursday, but who's counting?

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