Monday, July 8, 2013

Mobility Monday: Have Happy Feet!

Hey there!
Yay it's Monday again. I have been neglecting my mobility posts for many obvious reasons (vacation, move, giant fire, CrossFit Kids classes...) and I found a quick minute to do my first ever VLOG!
Now, keep in mind, it is too hot to wear makeup (I rarely do anyway) and I am no actress so my video is raw and simple.
Many of my Mobility/ Yoga participants have been telling me how much working with a ball on the feet is improving their overall well being. Much of the imbalances we have and pain we feel are tied to the feet in some way or another. Mobilizing the joints and ligaments along with loosening up all those little muscles will put you on the path to a more pain free day.

I noticed my little nervous quirk of fluttering my eyelids showed up on the vlog too. Just chalk that up to my unique personality and ignore it.
Anyway, get a lacrosse ball! Start with the feet and roll them everyday!!

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