Thursday, July 18, 2013

Tips On Life: Being Awesome Is...

Being awesome is a lot of things.

 Always owning your actions
Sticking to classy
Colorful language... and socks

Supporting others in triumph, even when they out-do yours
Standing by those you hold most dear
Wearing your workout clothes to the grocery store and totally rocking your dirty spanky pants and filthy tshirt
Dancing in the rain
Filing up the gas tank before the E...

Being Awesome is not:
Sticking your finger in a moving fan without a protective cover at 2am the night before rope climbs
Sending your best friend the Golden Lasso in the mail disguised as a gift (actually it was halarious and most awesome)

And most of all, being awesome is NOT showing up to a distress call 1 hour after a water main breaks in the front yard during a stage 5 water restriction!! Thanks City Water NOT awesome of you. Lesson learned.
(But Andre the amazing handyman WAS awesome in helping repair the pipe in our front yard using $4 in supplies and a few old pull-up bar pipes. Ingenious!!)

Most awesome of the day was this:

Nothing like a random kid giving a personalized portrait in a most flattering resemblance during your favorite part of the day. Yay CrossFit Kids Goofballs.

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